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Anna Didik is a Polish fine artist based in

Hampton. She is a graduate of Nicolas

Copernicus University in Poland, where she

studied conservation of paintings.

She currently works for a busy interior

design studio in London and creates her

own paintings in various media.

In her personal statement she says:

Creating art has always been an important

part of my life. However, it was not until my

studies of painting conservation that I

discovered a large variety of old masters

techniques. I have used them ever since to

create my own paintings.

The main theme I explore in my painting is

inspired by nature. I love to capture its

fragments and present it in more abstract

form. My main goal is to capture the memory

of nature rather than its faithful


The most important elements in my art are

contrast, colour, composition and texture. I

use these structural elements to create an

atmosphere of harmony or tension in my

artwork. However, I try to balance this with

more intuitive mark and let unstructured

expression emerge through the process to.

For this reason, my paintings are not created

in an instant, but are the result of exploring

and searching. During that process I

constantly manipulate and transform the

sense of space.

Anna Didik will be showing here as part of the Arthouse Open Studios.

Exhibition runs until Saturday 19th July.


Artist’s Website;  www.annadidik.wix.com/annadidik