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Life is full of the near misses, twists of fate, luck, coincidence, call it what you will, that shape and fashion us all.

Art, of course is no different. As Braque said, ‘If we had never met Picasso, would Cubism have been what it is? I think not. The meeting with Picasso was a circumstance in our lives.’ What would have happened if Damian Hirst had not reapplied after rejection from the Jacob Kramer School of Art or had never featured in the ‘New Contemporaries’ exhibition in Cambridge and not caught the smiling eye of Saatchi ?

Every year thousands of artists enter numerous national competitions. Only a small percentage of those entries are ever selected and exhibited. Numerous curatorial decisions and the more banal exigencies of space call for tough choices.  Often, work of real interest falls by the wayside. This show gives the opportunity to see a number of those works by local artists that slipped through the grate of fate.

 ‘Shortlisted’ is an exhibition of near misses and as such differs from the regular ‘Salon de Refuses’ exhibitions. Earlier this year, asteroid 2014-YB35 was considered a near-miss at 2.8 million miles away when it passed earth. These near misses are light years closer to the actual works selected for national and international competitions in recent years. The works on show are largely from those that were chosen or made it through an initial selection but for whatever reason, were not hung in the final exhibitions. Many of the artists on show are widely exhibited and successful professionals.

We hope you enjoy the opportunity to view these ‘forgotten’ works.

Martin Kerrison