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Daniel Gask,senior picture framer at Handmade Frames has been  in the picture framing business for nearly 20 years, and has expertise in all aspects of the art of framing.

Handmade Frames prides itself on being able to frame anything, from a small photograph to a full length silk kimono!

All work is carried out onsite using the latest conservation materials and is finished to the highest quality craftsmanship.

Unlike most modern framers, Handmade Frames offer a wide range of handfinished frames including water gilding, gesso, stained and painted hardwood and bespoke moulding profiles.

So we like to think our service is very tailored and different to your average high street framer.

Handmade Frames has carried out bespoke framing work for many successful painters, photographers, corporate businesses and private art collectors from the smallest job to whole exhibitions.

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